Softcover – Picturebook Ralf, the Sleepless Calf

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The story of ‘Ralf, the Sleepless Calf’ was created during a dark night in Cornwall. In the distance, the author heard a calf dramatically mooing. Another cow moo’d back as if he wanted to say: ‘go to sleep!’.
The author took pen and paper and wrote down the idea for Ralf, the Sleepless Calf.
Sleep problems are also a wellknown problem to the author because her daughter has trouble falling asleep since she was born.

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Gewicht 150 g
Afmetingen 250 × 250 × 10 mm

4 beoordelingen voor Softcover – Picturebook Ralf, the Sleepless Calf

  1. R. Jones

    Sweet and unlikely friendship
    Ralf is the sleepless calf who suffers when night falls and he can’t still his thoughts. Vinny, the nocturnal fox, has a solution.

    This is a sweet tale about the power of a bedtime story and the wonderful way some help others.

    I especially love the character names. And the traditional style color pencil illustrations are perfectly suited to the story. The illustrations are well done and invite readers in.

  2. Bentley Hippo

    This was a fun read. The illustrations were so cute and captured the story very nicely.
    An adorable bedtime story for kids of all ages

  3. John Miller

    Ralf the calf that coundn’t sleep and made a friend with a fox. Love this story and the illustration are wonderful.

  4. Brian Foster

    The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is so cute! Very relatable if you have young kids who find a million reasons not to sleep at night!

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