Softcover – Picturebook ‘Charlie’s first adventure’

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Charlie is an Australian spider who is bored. When Charlie sees a whole new world on TV, he decides to crawl into a suitcase and goes on an adventure.In every country he meets new friends who show him their country.

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3 beoordelingen voor Softcover – Picturebook ‘Charlie’s first adventure’

  1. Jessica

    For a person who hates spiders I really liked this book. This spider travels all over Europe alone and find love

  2. S.W.

    Great book about travel and meeting new friends. The book was fun and funny in parts. It was very sweet and the perfect travel book.

  3. lyakh

    A fun story for little kids with great pictures! A cute little story for small kids with beautiful pictures! Also suitable as an introduction to European geography 🙂

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