You mastered the survival mode,
now it’s time to live

Baila looks up and smiles. She’s happy. She finally found a place to stay. There, on top of that rock, that’s where she’s going to live. She smiles and nods satisfied, she finally found the perfect place where she can be safe.
Her mind wanders of to her old place far away from here. One morning she woke up and saw all the trees she loved to climb in were gone. Her beautiful forest had become one big, empty area with noisy machines. Baila got scared and roared so loud, the men who were working there started to yell and shout at her, trying to chase her away. Baila was so scared she started running. She fled from the place where she had lived all her life. Away from the noise, away from the shouting. Through the dark forest, she kept running to the other side until she found this spot.
“What are you looking at?” a squeaky voice wants to know. Two tiny black eyes are staring at her when she looks down.
“My new home,” Baila says to the little mouse with a smile. Baila decided to tell the nice little mouse about her old place, the men, how scared she was and fled from the noise and shouting, leaving everything behind.
“You’re safe here.” The mouse reassures her. “You don’t have to survive anymore. Here you can enjoy life without fear.” They both looked up again and smiled with a big happy sigh.

Do you have a wonderfull idea for a picture book in your head  for a long time? Or do you like to have an illustration made for a special occasion and you absolutely love my style? Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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