You can’t really be strong
until you can see a funny side to things

“What are you doing?” Dima asks when he sees his girlfriend Maya packing her bag. “I’m leaving. I’m done. Done with everything. Nothing will ever change here.” She is angry. No, she’s furious. All this time she has been strong but now it’s enough. She’s done being strong for others. Fighting for the good.
Dima looks at her in disbelieve. “Where do you want to go?” He doesn’t understand. Maya and he were best friends, weren’t they? Why has she never told him what is bothering her. Why does she suddenly want to leave? Away from him.
Dima sits down next to this little mouse. He looks at her. Maya looks away from him. She doesn’t want to talk. She knows, she will start crying as soon as she starts talking about what’s bothering her and she doesn’t want that to happen.
“Maya?” Dima asks in a soft voice. “Stop packing and talk to me.” Dima wants to put his arm around her but realizes that his paw is bigger than her tiny body. He doesn’t want to hurt her, so he clumsily tries to just put a finger around her, which looks kind of weird.
With teary eyes, Maya looks up, from his huge hairy finger around her shoulders, to her big friend who is lovingly looking down at her. Then she suddenly starts laughing so loud. Dima doesn’t understand it, and starts to chuckle just because she is crying of laughter. “It’s the finger.” she yells. “Your finger on my shoulder.” Together they laugh about such a silly thing. Apparently you can’t really be strong until you can see the funny side of things.

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