To the world you may be just one person,
but to one person you may be the world

“Why look so sad?” Billy asks when he sees his best friend sitting alone on top of the hill. Bonny takes a deep sigh and looks at the all the fluffy bunnies, running up and down the hill, laughing and playing together. They have so much fun together. “Look,” she says to Billy, nodding to the bunnies, “I’d love to play along but I’m too small, they don’t see me. I can’t yell that loud either, they don’t hear me. When I try to play along, I don’t understand their rules so they yell at me for being weird.” Bonny sighs again. She feels lonely.

Billy looks at his little fuzzy friend. He feels bad for her. She has always been a bit different, but that doesn’t make her any less fun. She always makes Billy cry from laughter with her silly jokes. Whatever is bothering Billy, he knows he can always talk to her about anything. But most of all, she’s just really sweet.

No, Billy would never want to miss his best friend. With his fluffy paws he gives Bonny a big bunnyhug. “The rest of rabbithill may not see how special you are, but to me, you are my world and I wouldn’t want to miss you even one day of my life.”

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