To be able to give, is a gift

To be able to give, is a gift

“Ma’am?” a pair of dark eyes are looking at Maggy. “Ma’am, I’m so hungry.” The squeaky voice is almost begging. Despite the freezing November wind, Maggy is melting by the look of this little squirrel. She hears his little stomach rumble so loud. The poor thing.
Maggy knew it would be a cold winter, so she hid all her nuts in a safe place while the other squirrels played around in the sun until it was too late and it started to freeze.
Maggy smiles and bows to little Elijah. “Look, young man. This will keep you going for the time being.” She gives him an arm full of acorns, enough for the whole week. Joyfully, Elijah hops back to his warm hole.
Happy to be able to help someone, Maggy continues with her activities, but before she can start organising her acorns, someone else pulls her arm. “Ma’am?…” she hears again. She smiles. “Yes, I have some extra nuts for you too.” she says to the girl and gives the little squirrel an arm full of acorns.
When Maggy looks up she sees a long row of hungry squirrels behind the girl. Maggy is happy that she collected enough nuts during summer so she can share everything now with the other squirrels. To her it’s a gift to be able to give so much to others.

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