“Ralf, the sleepless calf” is the second children’s book, written and illustrated by Mireille van Yperen. “Ralf, the sleepless calf” actually happened on a dark night in Cornwall (UK). Mireille was unable to sleep at night and heard a cow moo in the meadow near her house, as if he couldn’t sleep. Another cow answered back annoyed. Mireille, unable to sleep herself, immediately took a pen and paper and wrote down the story of Ralf immediately.

Ralf, the sleepless calf is not only a funny book to read to young children but it also has an underlying message, how to get rid of all the scary shadows and rustles that prevent them from sleeping by having them focus on something else. This story is also about the special friendship between a fox and a calf.

Mireille van Yperen has worked as a graphic designer and web designer since 1995. In 2003 she founded her own company, dtp-hulp.nl. She raised two wonderful, special children, who read a lot of books in their youth. Mireille loves children’s books, that’s why she start writing and illustrating her own books. In addition to DTP-hulp.nl, she hopes that the PicturebookPublisher website will help other starting selfpubbers to publish their book.

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