Choosing Amazon

You have worked hard on your book. You are satisfied with the result and you want to take the next step. Publishing yourself, also known as self publishing, is one of your options. You will find more information about publishing through Amazon at the bottom of this page.

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Do you have ambitions to go international or have you written your book in English, which means you have a greater reach? Then you can choose to publish at Here create an account on and you can then upload and publish your book.

After uploading to Amazon, the game of selling begins. In the next few months, I would like to give you more information on how to promote your book which will increase your sales.

Trouble shooting

Anyone who can write a book also comes from description to upload his or her file. The biggest frustration of every “self-pubber” is the design and uploading the right file.

Design, design and DTP is a profession in its own right. you get to do with fonts, use of color, overflow or bleed, page numbering. When you no longer see the forest for the trees, it is time for you to get help.

Writing & formatting

Write your book:

Check your book carefully for errors before you publish your work on Amazon. Scan the final concept for spelling errors and areas that are unnecessary or difficult to follow. If necessary, engage an external editor for a final check. We have a very strict editing lady whose work can definitely only benefit from it!

Make an account:

Go to the Amazon KDP website and click on the option to create a new account. Enter your information that is requested such as name or publisher, address, zip code, e-mail address and telephone number. Amazon KDP uses this contact information to keep you informed throughout the process.

Choose the format:

With Amazon KDP you have the option to publish your book as a paperback or as an e-book. Consider the best way to present your book. For example, if your book is a thriller for young adults, it might be more attractive for pocket collectors, while self-help is more accessible to those who read on a cell phone or tablet.

Getting it correct

If you’ve written your book on a standard word processor, it will have to be reformatted in order to display properly in either e-reader or as a paperback. Luck for you, Amazon has made this easy by providing guides for helping you prepare your work with minimal hassle. Follow the steps outlined in the tutorials on the KDP website to get your book looking as it should.


KDP Account:

Via the KDP account you can upload your book, create lists, edit and check your user statistics. After opening your bookshelf, find and select the Kindle e-Book or Paperback option, depending on the format you have chosen.

Enter the book information:

You will then be guided through a series of forms asking you to provide important information about yourself and your book. This includes your name or publisher, the title of the book, a short description and the correct age category.

Upload the cover:

If you already have an image that you want to use for the book cover, you can upload it. Otherwise, Amazon’s built-in design function will help you put one together yourself. Your cover should be able to immediately attract the reader’s attention and provide a visual hit of the book’s content or key themes.

Upload the book:

Click on browse to search for the book file on your computer and start the upload process. This can take a few moments, especially if you upload a long and detailed book. You can still make small changes to your listing after the book is uploaded. It will only be sent if you publish it!


Final Checks:

Use the preview function to see what your finished book will look like. Pay attention again to the striking spelling errors or oddities. This is one of your last chances to make important changes before you send the book to be published.

Set a price:

Set a price that you think is reasonable. Take into account the format of the book, as well as the marketability of the story. For example, it would be reasonable to ask more for a paperback on medical science than for a short Kindle book aimed at children. It can help to look at comparable titles for reference when you choose a price for your book.

Publish the book:

If you are satisfied with your listing, click Publish your Kindle eBook or publish your pocketbook. The books you’ve uploaded are then sent to the Amazon KDP content team, which prepares them for publication. You will be notified when your book has been successfully sent and when it appears on the site offered for sale. You can order copies for review by authors.

Sales & Stats

Log in to your user portal to see how your book is doing. Amazon KDP offers daily reports to writers who use their services to publish their works. This allows you to see how often your book is sold in real time, making you an active participant in the business side of things. Good luck!