Europe woke up. Messages like “Praying for Australia” are flying around in the internet. Although I was raised Christian, I suspect that “prayers” will not change much about their situation. The country needs rain. My inside-information-contactperson says, that a typhoon is on its way, to extinguish many fires. But even if all fires have been extinguished, the damage is already done. The media is pleading to donate money for help and rescue.

The idea for the children’s book “Charlie’s first adventure” was born during one of my many trips to Australia. Together with my uncle I made so many road trips, from Albany to Sharkbay. I shook hands with kangaroos and cuddled koalas. The country has always good to me, that I now would really like to give something back. The friendly blue spider from Australia Charly will hopefully help me with that.

In the coming month I will donate the entire profit of book sales of Charly to ‘International Fund for Animal Welfare’. While the red cross takes care of the people of Australia, IFAW takes care of the animals. They track down koalas and other animals in need and bring them to safe place where they can heal and recover.

The more books I sell, the higher the donation! As it turns out, not all spiders in Australia are scary or dangerous! Buy your copy of ‘Charlie’s first adventure‘ or ‘Charly gaat op reis‘ (dutch version) and help the animals in Australia. If you don’t want to have an account on Amazon, you can also order your book directly with me. Send me a message and I will make sure you will get your copy!