Not all those who wander, are lost

Jellyfish floats loosely to the rhythm of the sea. She occasionally retracts her long tentacles in a relaxed manner, only to extend them again with considerable force, so that she floats a little further. Jellyfish doesn’t bother. She slowly floats over everything that happens below her without worrying about a thing or looking back.

The crabs, busy looking for food, look up when they see her floating by. They’ve never seen her before. What is she doing here, where is she going? Squid, hidden behind a stone, also looks up when he sees Jellyfish floating by. Why doesn’t she search for food, Squid thinks.

But Jellyfish does not worry at all. She only floats on quietly, without purpose, without reason, without hassle. She’s in no hurry. She doesn’t have to go anywhere. Jellyfish does nothing but float to the rhythm of the waves in the deep, dark ocean and enjoys whatever comes her way. Not all those who wander, are lost.

Loop je al heel lang met een idee rond voor een prentenboek? Wil je graag een illustratie laten maken voor een speciale gelegenheid en je vindt mijn stijl helemaal geweldig? Neem dan vrijblijvend contact met mij op en ik beantwoord graag als je vragen.

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