Your book is printed or can be ordered from Amazon, but then comes the most difficult or interesting part; the promotion and sales. Many authors naturally want to see their hard work reflected in great sales. As a self-rubber, you will have to do a lot of the promotion work yourself. Marketing is for a lot of people very difficult. You have to stand out, show yourself and your book, not be afraid of the criticisms you may hear.
You can choose from different ways to promote; a flyer to hand out at schools or at libraries, cards that can be sent, bookmarks that you can give for free during a book sale or a poster that you can hang at a trade fair. Do you have a specific question? Send me an email and we’ll discuss the options!

Would you like help with the development of your promotional material? Then choose a bookmark, flyer or poster in the Mediakit. Do you have questions about the promotional material or something specific? Then you can always send me an email!