Bookcover design

Everyone says it: “Don’t judge a book on its cover,” but we do. A good cover is important, especially when you are going to publish yourself and your cover is sitting there between the thousands of other covers.

Do you stand out? Are you attracting attention? Is your title legible? Step into a bookstore yourself and see to where your eyes are drawn to. View the books that you actually overlooked initially.

I recently read the tip of a successful self-publisher who made her books and titles look like popular books by famous writers. She takes part in the success of others. Amazon gives the reader suggestions of books that the reader might also like, based on what they have read.

The layout of the cover is therefore very important. Choosing the font that fits best together with the illustration and use of color. The cover of the book consists of the front and back and back flap (depends on how thick the book is) I make this in one file that can be sent to the printer.

Would you like help with the layout of your book cover? Then choose book cover design in the Mediakit. Do you have questions about creating a cover? Then you can always send me an email!

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