Grab your mediakit!

Design & book layout 32 pages € 260.00 0
Book cover design € 95.00 0
3D image of your book € 25.00 0
Design bookmark * € 35.00 0
Design A6 card * € 45.00 0
Design flyer A5 * € 65.00 0
Design flyer A3 * € 85.00 0
Design website (3 pages) ex domain hosting € 135.00 0
Domain hosting incl. Package for 1 year € 72.00 0


* Required

** Prices are without printing cost. Do you need some help with finding the right printshop? Shoot me a message and I will help you finding the right printer!

What happens after you order your mediakit?

When I receive your application, I will contact you. I would like to receive all the high resolution files needed to make the designs via I value privacy, copyright and ownership as much as you do so I handle your data and files with great care.

After I have received all the information, possibly with your ideas, I will keep you informed on when you can receive your chosen products. I will send all the files back by wetransfer to you so you can check if the files are approved to what you expected. Any changes can still be done.

When you are happy with the results, I send you the high resolution files with which you can go to your printer or, if you feel more comfortable with that, I take care of the printwork. It will be delivered to your home.

Do you still have questions about the process, dont hesitate to contact me at anytime .