Life is meant for good friends and great adventures

“Where shall we go?” Dima wonders as Maya climbs onto his hairy shoulder. She just put the last piece of cheese back in her knapsack. She will save that for later. Dima still has his knapsack full of berries so they don’t have to worry about food.

“We can go to the end.” she says indecisively, “or start at the beginning.” They look at each other and laugh at the same time.

Dima and Maya are inseparable, best friends from the first day they met. But lately they found the forest to be getting boring, that is why  they decided to go on an adventure. Maya feels safe with the big, strong Dima and Dima blindly trusts Maya’s keen vision.

“Are we going left or are we going right?” Dima suggests. “To the mountains or to the sea?”  There are still so many places they want to go, it’s difficult to choose where to go to first.

Suddenly Maya puts her little mouse finger up in the air.  She has an idea. “Let’s go over the hills, through the valley to the sea.” she exclaims enthusiastically. “That sounds like a great plan!” Dima smiles.

With their full knapsacks, the two best friends start their new adventure. Over the hills, through the valley, on to the sea! What more do you need  in life to be simply happy than your best friend and a great adventure.

Do you have a wonderfull idea for a picture book in your head  for a long time? Or do you like to have an illustration made for a special occasion and you absolutely love my style? Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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