Life, if well lived, is long enough

Wooossh….Snail, lazy dozed off in the warm summer sunlight, suddenly wakes up from his nap. Every few seconds something flashes by so fast, he can hardly see what it is. Wooossh. After the third time, Snail tries to stop it. “Why the rush?” he asks relaxed. “The sun is shining, just enjoy this beautiful day.”

She shakes her head firmly. “No-no, I still have so much to do!” 
“But can’t you do that tomorrow?” Snail asks with a lazy smile.

Mayfly suddenly stops racing around. She hangs still in the air while her wings are still fluttering nervously. She looks at Snail. “Tomorrow?” she asks puzzled, “Tomorrow? I am a Mayfly.” Then it suddenly hit her, what she has been doing all her life. “I’m a Mayfly.” she mumbles again.
“I only have óne day.” She looks at Snail relaxing in the sun. Then she looks up at everything she wanted to do in that one day. 

Slowly she lands next Snail. She smiles. Suddenly she realizes that there is no better way to spend that one day, then to spend it with loved ones.

Do you have a wonderfull idea for a picture book in your head  for a long time? Or do you like to have an illustration made for a special occasion and you absolutely love my style? Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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