“Wouldn’t it be great to write a children’s book!” For a very long time, I had the same thoughts and may have said it once or twice out loud. A dream will only turn into a goal, when you put a time schedule on it. The book “Charlie’s first adventure” was a three-year journey for myself, before I actually had the book printed in my hands. I learned a lot in those three years. But most of all, I learned I wanted to do it all over again with a new book.

Even before “Charlie’s first adventure” was printed, I already had a second story in my head. This time the process went faster because I already had more experience with writing, editing, making the illustrations and the use of KDP (Amazon). By coincidence I discovered that in March there will be an awareness week for insomnia. This would be the perfect week for the launch of “Ralf, the sleepless calf.” I suddenly realised that I have to get on with it in order to finish on time. I really have to stop with all those small corrections, and get on with it. The file must be uploaded to Amazon. I have to request an ISBN number. The e-book has yet to be created and uploaded. In addition, I still have to make the promotional material. I feel a slight amount of stress bubbling up.

I wonder what I need for promotional work. Bookmarks, postcards and mock-ups. Then there is still a campaign to be made. A launch date. Blurbs. The steam is coming from my ears. Who said it was great to write a children’s book again? Social Media also needs to be updated and warned that my new book is coming.

It’s alot that you have to do if you decide to self publish. Are you still at the beginning of the children’s book adventure? Do you already freeze at the idea, what is coming at you? I can help you with that. Together we make a schedule and a plan. Write your story, have your texts edited, meanwhile find an illustrator (or maybe you want to illustrate yourself) so that your book has wonderfull illustrations. When all content is ready, I can put everything together so that you get a print file PDF and an e-book file.
When you have chosen the publication date, we make sure that all social media expressions are ready. The promotional material you may be using for schools or libraries will also ready before launch.

When you choose to publish your book with a publisher, the publisher will work for you. If you’re going to publish yourself through Amazon or Bol, you’ll have to do the marketing yourself. When we have a clear schedule, in terms of time and promotional material, the stress is not too bad. I make sure that you receive all the promotional material, printed and on time so that you can enjoy the world famous fame during your book presentations.


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