In a world where you can be anything,
be kind

It’s cold in the forest. Softly the white snow falls around the trees on the cold ground in the dark night. All the animals are asleep, except for a little bunny hiding under a tree, with chattering teeth.
She was so busy looking for food that she didn’t realize, the sun had disappeared and the moon appeared. Suddenly it was too dark to find her way back to her warm little house.
Suddenly she hears a rustle. “W-w-who’s there?” she asks, teeth chattering from the cold and maybe because she is only a bit scared too.
A huge shadow looms behind the tree. “I-I-I’m not scared!” she shouts very convincingly. She narrows her eyes to get a better look at what seems to be there.
Suddenly a huge fluffy ball with eyes appears from behind the tree. “It’s only me.” Bear says in a friendly tone, “I heard your teeth chattering from a distance. I want to keep you warm tonight with my warm fur.”
The bunny looks surprised. She didn’t expected this. Relieved she crawls
deep into the warm fur. Soon her eyes close and she falls into a deep sleep while sheltered from the cold and snow.
In a world where you can be anything, be kind. Because that’s how we all make the world a little bit friendlier.

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