If you only shine light on your flaws, all perfects will dim

If you only shine light on your flaws,
all perfects will dim

Betty looks at her huge, wobbly feet with a tilted head. They are big, ugly and blue. Even if she twists her feet a little, they still look ugly. She sighs desperately sad.
She sees Hunter flying in circles high up in the sky. Hunter is so damn handsome that she always blush when he talks to her. He is not only very handsome but also very nice.
Suddenly she sees him take a dive down. He’s coming right at her but slows down just before he could hit her and lands softly next to her.
“Betty!” he says cheerfully. He notices that she doesn’t look happy. “Why do you look so sad?” Hunter asks. Betty quickly tries to hide her big, ugly, blue feet under her feather coat. She is ashamed and blushes. Hunter knows she hates her blue feet, without waiting for her answer, he continues talking. “Betty, if you only look at your flaws, you’ll never see how beautiful you are.”
Now Betty starts blushing even more. “Your beautiful feathers, your beautiful beak, it all fits your sweet character perfectly.” he says with a loving smile and gives her a hug. So show me those pretty blue feet and fly away with me!”

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