Maybe I’m not so blind.
Maybe I choose to see the good in you

Roderik is sulking on top of a pile of sand. In his hand he has a large leaf that he holds above his head. It’s raining hard. It’s cold and Roderik is hungry. Grumbling, he looks up from underneath his self made umbrella. It doesn’t look like it will stop raining anytime soon.
“Roderik!” Molly shouts cheerfully as she sticks her snout above the ground. “Why are you grumbling so much? I can hear you all the way down in my underground tunnels.” the little mole giggle.
“I don’t find anything funny about it.” grumbles the rat. “It’s cold, it’s raining, I’m hungry, but everywhere I go, I get chased away.”
“Oh Roderik.” Molly sighs. “You are such a sweetheart. You always help me so well with the tunnels.”
Mollie is just a little mole. The ground where she builds her underground tunnels is full of stones. Her small claws are not strong enough to dig them out, but Roderik is always there to help her.
Roderik looks at Molly. “How can you tell, if I’m sweet?” he murmurs.
“You can’t even tell the difference between day and night. You’re blind.”
“Ah, Roderik,” smiles Molly, “I may be blind, but I always choose to see the good in you!” A tiny smile appears on Roderik’s face and suddenly the day doesn’t seem so dark anymore.

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