Distance doesn’t separate friends,
silence does

It rained so heavy that the calm river in the forrest had burst out of its banks, leaving a trail of rumbling running water. “Dima?…Dimaaa, where are you?” Maya shouts as loud as she can. She can’t find her friend anywhere. Maya is concerned. She’s afraid Dima disappeared in the water. “Dimaaaaa…” she yells again. She listens carefully if she might hear him yell back but she only hears the water rushing by.
Dima and Maya had always been inseparable until it started to rain. They both had to hide in their own little homes. It seemed like the rain would never end. Pretty soon the river ran its own course, right between their homes. After the rain had stopped, they couldn’t find eachother anymore.
“Maya?”….sounds suddenly softly from far away. “Mayaaaa?” then echoes louder.
“Dima?” Maya looks up and sees Dima waving frantically on the other side of the running river. Her eyes light up. “Dima!” she screams relieved.
“Maya, I thought I lost you!” Dima shouts across the water.
Maya shakes her head. “Never! But we have to wait for the river run dry before we can play hide and seek again together.”
Dima nods. “Until then, we’ll just yell at each other across the water.”
Maya smiles, as long as she can see and hear him, it’s fine. Distance can’t separate them, only silence.

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