Writing a children’s book is a very wide concept. I’ve heard many people say, they “someday” want to write a children’s book. A dream only becomes a goal when you put a timeline on it. Start writing a picture book without any knowledge is destined to go wrong. Start by asking yourself, for what age group you want to write a book.

Picture book for 0 – 3 years
Themes in these books are often simple: sounds, numbers, colors, shapes. The illustrations are colorful and simple.

Picture book for 2 – 5 years
The themes in these books fit the slightly older toddlers and preschoolers. For example, books with counting objects, naming farm animals or a simple bedtime story. The number of words is between 200 and 400 words. The illustrations are already more detailed and funnier.

Picture book for 4 – 8 years
These picture books are the most common that you will find most often in the bookstore. The number of words used is 400 – 800. The books are super fun for children, who are already discovering their world and want to be challenged to discover more. Topics that are dealt with are usually challenges that young children encounter in their daily lives. The illustrations get more and more detail and become more exciting.

Picture storybook for 6 – 10 years
The picture storybook is for the older children who can enthusiastically get into the story. There is still an illustration on every page. The number of words used is between 1000 and 3000.

Chapter book for 6 – 10 years
A reading book for this age is divided into short chapters with an illustration here and there. The number of words in these books is between 3000 – 10,000. Often these types of books are written in series. So if you have many ideas for the same character, find out if this category suits you.

Chapter book for 8 – 12 years
It is important with these books that the vocabulaire matches the age. These books always have a certain theme and are full of adventure. Parents no longer appear in the story and the book always has a happy end. The number of words used in these books starts from 10,000 words.

Now you see how important it is to decide, for which age category you want to write. A 3000-word book is way too long for a toddler, while a 1000-word book is way too boring for a ten-year-old child. The perfect place to get ideas for your book and also look at other books in the different age group, is your local library.

Do you have questions about your idea for a children’s book or you need a designer? Send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible!

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