Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents
as opening our hearts

All the animals have gathered at the open space in the in the forest. All animals except one. Dima is growling annoyed in his cave. He hates Christmas. He hates those awful Christmas carols, he hates mistletoe, and most of all he hates everyone’s hideous happy moods. As soon as someone looks around the corner of his cave, he gives a horrible roar, that they should leave him alone. “Grrrowwwwllll,” he roars loud when he hears a patter. “leave me alone!”
“Mr. Dima,”he suddenly hears. Dima looks surprised at the little mouse that fearlessly walked in. “Mr. Dima,” she continues, “why do you hate Christmas so much?”
“It’s none of your business!” the bear snaps at the little mouse. “Now get out!” He hopes he’s scared her so much, she will run out quickly. But Maya is not afraid. Instead, she sits down next to him. “But why?” she asks again, looking at him. Dima is confused, why isn’t she afraid of him? “Because…” Dima then suddenly says with intense sadness, “because I lost my best friend with Christmas. Every Christmas reminds me of that moment.” Maya puts her little paw on his big paw. “Now I get it.” she says. “Still, I don’t want you to be alone with Christmas. Can I be your new friend?” Dima is touched by her kindness and can’t help but opening his heart to this sweet mouse who brings him the most beautiful gift, a new friendship for life. Christmas is not about opening up presents, it’s about opening our hearts to everybody who needs it.

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