It’s really there. My first book, written in Dutch and English, is live in green letters. I can only say that I am quite proud. I’m still waiting for the authors’ copies that are in the mail. Would the printing process have gone well? Have I done the layout correctly? With my 25 years of graphic experience, I should still know how the page layout works. But I have noticed that, both at Amazon and at Bol, they think differently from the average printer.


The idea of ​​my first book “Charly goes on a journey” originated during my first trip to Australia. Together with my uncle we talked about the spiders in the country and what if a bored spider would crawl into my suitcase to travel back to Europe where he will be backpacking. Backpacking, because the youth in Europe are just leaving for Australia to backpack there.


The story was in my head but it took another three years before I saw the green “live” button at Amazon and Bol. In those three years I have studied writing and illustrating children’s books. At first I kept it quiet but eventually I started to test my water, how much chance I had of success. After many positive reactions, I decided to take the step and publish.
Because I can do almost everything myself, I barely invested and had a lot of fun. I did ask for help from a great editorial lady, Hilda Algra, I wouldn’t have gone live without her tips.


Where can you order the book? That is possible at Amazon.com. If you prefer to order it from me, that’s possible too. Then send me an email with your details and I will make sure that it ends up with you!


The book was fun and funny in parts. It was very sweet and the perfect travel book.


I bought this book for my daughter. I was a bit skeptical at first as I have never heard of the author before, however I was drawn to the front cover and particularly the drawing of Charly!

Well, all I can say is my little girl adores the book and is now not quite so scared of spiders. Thanks to the author, I now have to read this book every single night and nothing else comes between!! But that’s a good thing of course.

We both look forward to Mireille’s next book with excitement.


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