‘Charlie’s first adventure’ is the first picture book, written and illustrated by Mireille van Yperen. The idea of ​​this picture book “Charlie’s first adventure” started during her first trip to Australia. When she was planning her trip, many people needed to share their opinion about Australia. One would never dare to go to Australia because of the “scary” spiders. The other asked if she would go backpacking.

During her journey the conversation started again about the ‘dangerous’ spiders in the country. Mireille thought to herself, what if a bored spider would crawl into a suitcase and travel to Europe, where he will be backpacking there. The other way around of what kids in Europe always want to do after they graduate, leave for Australia to backpacking there.

The book is written for young children to show that spiders doesn’t have to be scary at all. But also following your dreams, or experiencing an adventure does not have to be scary.

The book is available on Amazon or can be purchased via this website.

Mireille van Yperen is a graphic designer and web designer since 1995. In 2003 she founded her own company, dtp-hulp.nl. She has raised two wonderful, special children, who she read daily many books when they were young. Mireille absolutely loves picturebooks, writing and illustrating. It was therefore no surprise when ‘Charlie’s first adventure’ was released. Next to her graphic design work at DTP-hulp.nl, she hopes with the PicturebookPublisher website to help other starting selfpubbers with self-publishing their book.



Ever since we read ‘Charlie’s first adventure’ to our two-year old daughter, it has been her favourite book to read. The illustrations are funny and the story is very well written!


Great book about travel and meeting new friends
The book was fun and funny in parts. It was very sweet and the perfect travel book.

– S.W.

A fun story for little kids with great pictures!
A cute little story for small kids with beautiful pictures! Also suitable as an introduction to European geography 🙂




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