Mireille van Yperen

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Work experience:
Worked at various advertising agencies and printers from 1995 to 2003. November 19, 2003 established.

and more:

The saying “I create” reflects my life. From a very young age, I could draw all day and everywhere. Later writing was added to my favourite things to do. Of every holiday we had, I made a travel book. I also wrote, like most girls did, full journals about my daily things. Public writing began many years later. Blogging was new these days but I liked it. It was a time when I was silenced by other people. I was not allowed to have an opinion. I was not allowed to say anything. The feeling of being silenced created an inner rebellion and I started writing. Not directly about the people who wanted to shut me up, but always with an indirect message that the person I wrote about knew it was meant for him or her.

I got so many positive responses on those blogs that I gained confidence and started to look further than just my blogs. I had always loved children’s books. For my children I bought one reading book after the other. I don’t know who enjoyed it anymore, they or me. Eventually because of a trip to Australia, of which I had written a travel report, because some things never change, I started writing my first children’s book. And so Charly was born. Charly, the little spider who is bored on the couch and goes backpacking in Europe.

Because my other passion, besides writing, is to illustrate, I picked it up again. My hands were a bit rusty, but the old saying, practice makes perfect, is still true. I spent three years on Charly. Rewriting and re-sketching, try out techniques, follow courses and, above all, keep going strong.

When the end came near to publish, I chose for self-publishing. This was an obvious choice to me, I had no money to invest for printing and I did not want to go to established publishers. So I published at Amazon. Finally the moment arrived. Amazon sent me my author copies. Suddenly I held my own written, illustrated, designed and published book in my hands.

Of course it is not Harry Potter, but it is my book and I know how much blood, sweat and tears have been wasted in the process. My very first children’s book. Wait a second? First? If there is a first one, then there also will be a second one. After the feeling of victory of my first children’s book, it already started to itch for a second children’s book. Ralphje the sleepless calf will hopefully also be launched soon. Will there be a third book? I’m afraid that I have become infected with the incurable children’s book virus. So there will be alot more to come!

You can order Charlie’s first adventure here. Please be kind and leave a review if you liked the book!