The reason you chose to self publish is different for everyone. You may not want to beg publishers to have your book published. Or you want to keep controle in every step of the way. Whatever the reason you have, “self-pubbing” involves more than just writing a book.

Everyone knows the saying: “don’t judge the book on its cover”. Research has shown that everyone does judge the book on its cover. Scrolling through the countless books on Amazon or, your attention is drawn to something that stands out. A striking cover is therefore very important for your book. Do you therefore have enough experience to make a cover yourself or do you hire someone for it?

Elements on the cover
What should be on a cover? Of course the title (possibly subtitle) and the author. Is your book a children’s book with illustrations? Then it’s appreciated to also mention the illustrator. The back of the book contains a blurb (short text) about your book and a blurb about the author. If you already gained good reviews about the book, it is a good idea to also place it on the back of the cover.
In addition, the book needs an ISBN number. The barcode of the ISBN number is often placed on the back, bottom corner. Make sure it is the right size. If the barcode is too small, it can’t be scanned. If you decide imprint, then also place the logo on the back of the book.

Cover design
What should you take into account when designing a cover? When scrolling through the countless books at Amazon, look at all the covers to see what stands out and what fades away. The more detailed the cover is, the more it seems to become a greasy spot as a thumbnail. Make sure the title is in a clear font on the cover. Do you use an illustration? Let your illustrator make a special cover illustration. A clear, large illustration of your character is more striking than a scene with many elements. The cover design should match the story of book, but pay attention to your use of color. Bright colors do attract more attention then vague blurry colors.

Test your book cover
When you have designed your book, you can be super proud of it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s actually a outstanding book cover. Test your book cover with people who will be honest with you and are not afraid to tell you when it’s rubbish. Test your book cover with children or in a Facebook group with fellow self-pubbers.

Book cover designer
What can you expect from a book cover designer? First, of course, a professional setup. A designer will ask you about the important elements, such as the illustrations, texts, title, author, about the author and ISBN. A good designer also knows how to get an ISBN number in a barcode image so you don’t have to worry about that.
After you have approved the final book design, you will receive a PDF for printing (including ‘bleed’ and crop marks) from the designer, an e-book cover, in case you also want to publish an e-book, and possibly a 3D cover mock-up. With these elements you can continue with your publishing process.

Do you have questions about designing your book cover or do you need help? Send a message so that we can discuss what I can do for you.

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