Being loved gives you strength
while loving someone gives you courage

Dima is hibernating. The cold wind doesn’t bother him. Before winter set in, he ate so much so he could sleep all winter. He sighs happy in his sleep and doesn’t notice that someone has sneaked in.

Vanya searches for food. Her fox children are hungry but because of the snow, she can’t find anything to feed them. Vanya knew the old grumbler had plenty of food in his cave. She would do anything for her cubs, even when it gets tough, she finds strength to protect her cubs. That’s why she secretly sneaked in to get food. Quietly she tries to fill her arms with all the food she found when suddenly a deep voice roars, “What’s that with my food?”  Vaya is scared but won’t back down.  “My children, they are so hungry.” she mumbles softly. “That food is MINE!” the bear roars, trying to knock the food out of her hands with his large claws.

‘ROAAAR!’ it suddenly sounds. A little fox jumps between its mother and the big bear.  “Leave my mother alone!” he roars angrily. Dima looks surprised from Vanya to the courageous cub. Suddenly he begins laugh so loud that his belly starts shaking. “With such courage, young man, you deserve a reward. Grab as much food as you can, but let me sleep!”   The old grumble bear growled back to bed. Before leaving the cave with their arms full with food, they softly say thank you to the already sleeping bear.

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