Be so good, they can’t ignore you

Everyday the elves in the fairy forest dance to the rhythm of the wind. They dance gracefully together. Elfira is new. She is lost in a corner. The other elves think she’s weird. She can’t dance as good as the other elves. Elfira trips over her own feet and her lanky arms are always tangled.
When Elfira walks sadly home, she suddenly hears a cracking voice. “Why do you look so sad?” Elfira looks up, startled. “Yes you!” the fat frog grumbles.
“I’m new to the fairy forest.” Elfira murmurs softly, “I thought I’d find new friends here but they just laugh at me.” she whispers sadly, “because I can’t dance.”
“Is that all?” asks the frog in surprise. “Then let’s practice together so you will be so good, they can’t ignore you anymore!” A thin smile appears on Elfira’s face. How can that fat frog help her with learning how to dance?
But the frog knows exactly how to help Elfira. Soon she knows all the dance moves perfectly and she no longer trips over her feet.
The elves chuckle when they see her. But then the wind starts playing and Elfira starts to dance. Their jaws drop when they see Elfira gracefully dance around. She ends her dance with a final bow. The astonished elves clap enthusiastically. Frog was right; Be so good they can not ignore you!

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