As long as we’re together,
we are home

Up from a tree, Elsie and Dorian look sad at the old shattered tower where they have lived so happily. The last storm completely destroyed the tower.
Elsie snuggles up closer to Dorian, she’s cold. “What should we do now?”
she asks sadly as the snow swirls gently around them.
Dorian stares at the tower. He is thinking. They have to find a new place quickly, before spring comes, with their new baby chicks. He looks at his Elsie. She is so sweet and they are so happy together. He remembers the day he met her still so well.
After leaving his parents’ nest, he met Elsie while he was looking for his own place to stay. She was the prettiest barn owl he’d ever seen. It was love at first sight. He was over the moon when he realised, she felt exactly the same for him. Since that moment, they have been inseparable.
“We’ll have to look for a new place to live.” Dorian says. “Don’t be afraid, Elsie.” he whispers. “During the hunt I’ve already seen a lot of new places where we can build our new nest.”
Dorian always knows how to cheer her up. She knows he will always be the one who takes care of her, nomatter what happens.
“Wherever our new place will be, as long as I’m with you, I’ll be home.” she says with a loving smile and hugs him even closer before they fly off to a new future.

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