Anger is just proof of how
unrealistic your expectations are

“Stupid! I think everything is stupid! stupid! stupid!’ Thunderbug stamps with his feet, while he throws his little fists in the air. “Aaaaargh!!!” he roars angrily.

“Gosh” Firefly mumbles startled. ‘You are definately angry!’ “Ugh!” Thunderbug growls on. “I’m waiting all day long for the thunder and lightning. But all I see is that annoying happy sun.”
“What did you expect?” Firefly asks cautiously. Thunderbug looks angry at Firefly: “I want storm, rain, thunder and lightning!” He waves his little arms eagerly.

“But you know that after sunshine, there’s always a thunderstorm, right? Just not when you demand it.”
Thunderbug looks a bit upset at Firefly. His clenched fists relax and his little arms are hanging down. Firefly is right. It’s the expectation that makes him angry. Of course it’s going to rain soon. He knows that too.

Now his anger is fading away and he wanted to sit down and wait, they hear a rumble in the distance. “You see?” Firefly winks at him, “all in good time!”

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