A true relationship is two imperfect people  refusing to give up on each other

A true relationship is two imperfect people
refusing to give up on each other

With their backs turned away from each other, Bonny and Billie are not speaking anymore. Bonnie is furious. This time he really took it too far. Normally she always laughs at his jokes, but not today. Today he was flat out mean to her. It was not funny at all.

Billy is angry too. His joke wasn’t that bad, was it? It was actually quite funny. He still chuckles when he remembers the joke. But then his face changes. It wasn’t funny anymore when Bonny suddenly looked so angry and turned away from him. Billie didn’t understand why she suddenly got so angry. Billie and Bonny never argue. Billie doesn’t even want to argue with Bonny. She is his best friend. He quietly looks over his shoulder to Bonny. He sees her crying. A big tear rolls down her furry face and splashes on the floor. A big wave of guilt washes through his body, he never meant to hurt her. For a moment he doesn’t know what to do but then he remembers the words of his grandmother: ‘The best relationship is two imperfect bunnies who refuse to give up on each other.’ Billie jumps up and puts his paw around her. “I’m so sorry.” he softly whispers into her ear. Bonny smiles and then puts her head on his shoulder because she knows that no fight is worth losing him. 

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