A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world

A happy soul is the best shield
for a cruel world

“Why are you so awfully cheerful today?” Walter growls moody when Quinty is hopping by, humming a happy song. Walter looks angry, he doesn’t like the cheerfulness. Quinty stops and looks at Walter with a smile. “I’m smiling because I’m happy, lovely Walter.” She gives the fat wombat a sweet hug, which makes him growl even more.
“Why are you always so grumpy, Walter?” she says, looking at him questioningly. “The sun is shining, you have a wonderfully place to sleep and a full belly from all those carrots you ate.
“Just because!” he grumbles. The sun is way too hot. He gets bored with carrots every day. His cave, which he built himself, could have been bigger. No, his life isn’t that great. Everything is stupid.
“You know what you’re missing?” Quinty suddenly says. “You miss a best friend who cheers you up every day!” Walter moans. She wouldn’t bother him every day with all that cheerfulness, will she? “Quinty, no! Leave me alone.” he sighs.
But Quinty won’t leave him alone. Everyday she comes back to either give him a big hug, or be a clown and make him laugh or brings him a beautiful flower. Until he smiles when he sees her again.
Secretly he is looking forward to her visits. He won’t tell her that but she does make him happy. This sweet, happy quokka has, unwittingly, expelled all negativity from his dark world.

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